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40 Questions Every Leader Must Ask Before They Lead in the 21st Century

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In 2009 Business Week Magazine released a fascinating article examining the top 50 companies to launch a career with. Within this powerful article, Business Week Magazine listed the top 50 companies to begin a career with and they also listed the number one quality that these highly successful companies searched for in future employees. Surprisingly, the number one quality desired in new employees by many of the companies featured in Business Week Magazine was leadership!

Although this may be shocking for some to believe, what is even more intriguing about this trend is that in 2012 the National Association of College Employers released a study that revealed approximately 75% of all employers stated that they look for leadership experience in a future employee’s resume.

Ultimately, what we can learn from trend is that if you are going to obtain career and personal success in the 21st Century, you must possess the right leadership skills, because most companies and organizations have learned that effective leadership can determine the success or failure of an organization or company.

Dr. Joshua Fredenburg has drawn from years of leadership training and research, hundreds of keynote speeches and workshops on the topic of leadership, countless personal experiences as a leader and a multitude of discussions with successful leaders around the world to develop this new leadership book for 21st Century leaders!

Throughout this powerful leadership book, emerging and seasoned leaders will have the opportunity to reflect upon forty specific leadership qualities that every individual must consider in order to develop into a successful leader. Men and women who aspire to become one of the world’s next top leaders will also learn how to discover the leader within and uncover specific leadership skills that will enable them to evolve into effective relational leaders. In addition, emerging and seasoned leaders will find out the keys to becoming an effective operational leader and learn how to create a strong spiritual foundation for leadership success in the 21st Century!

50 Questions Before You Say I Do

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50 Questions Before You Say I Do is a relationship book that is geared towards helping singles and engaged couples build a healthy marriage that is built to last a lifetime by asking the right questions before they get married. For more information about 50 Questions Before You Say I Do, please visit

A Call to Action;

14 Highly Effective Leadership Principles for Leaders of Millennials

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A Call to Action; 14 Highly Effective Leadership Principles for Leaders of Millennials is a powerful leadership book that provides emerging and seasoned leaders with 14 researched-based leadership principles that will help them influence, lead, and develop leaders of the millennial generation more effectively.

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