Joshua’s presentation was more than what I expected. Usually speakers come in and are too preachy and come off as people who can’t really relate to the crowd. Joshua had very concise key leadership strategies that the audience members were able to identify and take away.

If you are looking for a speaker that will energize a crowd and get people on their feet, this is exactly the speaker you are looking for! Of all the motivational speakers that the Big Ten Leadership Network has hosted, Joshua has been the most successful in captivating an audience and inspiring others to use specific strategies in applying leadership skills to the real world. Overall excellent speaker and presenter.

Theodore I. King III
Big Ten Leadership Network Committee Chair
Student Leadership Program
University of Wisconsin

Joshua hit the nail on the head with his presentation. Our Leadership Summit was not only enhanced by his presence – it was kicked into high gear by his energetic personality and motivational words. We received nothing but positive feedback about Joshua’s keynote speech, as well as his breakout session, “Leadership Roundtable”. Students were very happy to have had the opportunity to hear Joshua’s message. It was a great jump start to a day of leadership development!

Joshua is perfect for any kind of college leadership development series. He not only catches your attention: he holds on to it and makes you want to soak up everything he has to say!

Sarah N. Ho
Assistant Director for the Center of Volunteer Service and Leadership Development
University of Miami

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Leadership Seminar this week. I thought it was probably the most powerful one that I have been to. I also think that it would be a great idea to bring Joshua Fredenburg back as a guest speaker for the freshman as well because the sooner they can start thinking about those questions the sooner they will be on their path and can maybe make better decisions about classes to take, etc.

Another thing I wanted to share with you was that I was so inspired by the Leadership Seminar that I brought my paper to the Hospitality Club Meeting the next day and shared with them the 4 Questions and why I think leadership is so important in the hospitality industry. I hope it inspired them to start asking themselves the questions!

Jillian Riches
Class of 2013
Hospitality and Event Management Major
Lasell College

Joshua was our keynote speaker at the 10th Annual Student Leaders Retreat on August 19, 2009 and he was an extremely motivating and inspirational speaker. It can be a difficult task to engage 100 highly capable leaders, but his delivery was captivating, empowering and left the students wanting more, even several hours after his presentation was over. It was such an amazing sight to see Joshua with a small group of Purdue students as he challenged, encouraged, and offered advice on ways they can be better leaders for themselves and their student organizations.

He left the students with tangible information to improve their leadership skills, and he was instrumental in the success of the retreat. Without a doubt he helped us live up to the theme of the conference which was “On the Right Track to Leadership.”

Carol Ben-Davies
Assistant Dean of Students
Purdue University

Joshua Fredenburg was a “bolt of lightning” for the over 300 high school students who attended our 7th Annual NFHS National Student Leadership Conference. What impressed me the most about Joshua was how the student delegates hung on his every word. He is an exciting and inspiring speaker. He has honed his speaking skills and is masterful with the way he guides the audience through each phrase of his presentation. At the end of his talk, everyone is exhausted because of all the energy he has expended through his time with you. If you have not heard him speak then you are missing one of life’s treats. He is authentic and sincere, and we are so happy we were struck by his type of lightning!

B. Elliot Hopkins, MLD, CAA
National Federation of High School Directors of Educational Services

Joshua’s presentation absolutely met CU GOLD’s expectations. This man’s speech is motivating because not only does he speak about issues that can change my life for the better, but he also practices what he talks about. His sincerity and genuineness really shine through his words.

Anastasia Roloff
Conference Chair for 2009 CU-Gold Student Leadership Conference
University of Colorado, Boulder

When our “Shape Your Life, Shape Your Future” Conference Committee agreed to bring Joshua to campus, I must admit that I did not know what to expect in the least bit. However, from the time he took the stage until the time he concluded, the energy level was high, our students were engaged, and all present were a part of a life-changing experience. He is definitely someone we would invite to campus again as it is evident that he believes what he says, his energy is infectious, and his message is suitable for all ages.

Ryan C. Holmes
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs
University of Texas at El Paso

Joshua met our expectations of what we desired a keynote to speak about for SLDC. He tied in our theme for the conference, “Ignite Change” to his speech several times. He also spoke about leadership and diversity together, which was an expectation of ours. He was a great person to work with and inspired many of our students.

Stefanie DiDomenico
Program Advisor, Leadership Programs and Women’s Student Services
University of South Carolina

On behalf of Iona College & the Office of Student Development, we’d like to thank you for being the keynote speaker at our 6th Annual Leadership Conference. You were very professional and on target with what our requests were. You connected with the students & many students approached members of our staff saying how great you were. It was easy to work with you and also lots of fun!

I am so glad you stayed until the end of the conference. That meant a lot to the students and I, as it was clear you were not here for just “your part”. In quickly glancing at the evaluations, it seems that your scores are right where I want them to be – GREAT!

Sherlene Ayala
Assistant Director for Leadership, Diversity, & Programming Initiatives
Iona College

From his experience, knowledge and passion of student leadership, Joshua delivers highly engaging and though-provoking speeches that aim to generate the best in others. Connecting with the current generation of college students can be challenging, but Joshua achieves this connection by discussing hot topics that resonate and excite students to make positive change.

Miles Jason Nevin
Executive Director
California State Student Association (CSSA)

A lot of our students felt very excited after your presentation. They left energized and with lots of inspirational ideas flowing. Comments were such as “I feel empowered”, “I AM GREAT! And I have to learn to show it”, “Loved the energy and enthusiasm!”

I know for a few RAs they were truly touched by your message and were in awe. They felt like you were speaking directly to them and they are determined to carry out their mission as a great leader.

Melissa Garwol
Program Coordinator for Residence Life
SUNY Potsdam

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